2016 Aurecon Engineering Bursary Scholarship Programme

By | November 29, 2016

2016 Aurecon Engineering Bursary Scholarship Programme

Have you ever heard about Aurecon? If you don’t this one is very familiar for management, specialist technical service and engineering for government. Furthermore, it has about more than 7000 professional in this field together with network office in about twenty-three around the globe. However, this is not the story about Aurecon, but Auerecon engineering bursary scholarship opportunity. Yes, it is true, for 2016, Aurecon caters qualified applicants to be a part of their bursary scholarship programme. Sure, there some requirements or qualifications that should be followed by the applicant.

However, for your information, this bursary scholarship programme only covers these three field of studies, they are; Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. How about the requirements to apply Aurecon engineering bursary scholarship? Here are the requirements you should follow; (1) you must hold a Grade 12 whether you are sit as third, second, of first year student of University, (2) SA valid ID, (3) the Grade 12 includes National Certificate of  Physical Science (high grade), Mathematics (high grade) or associated with it, (4) certified academic result with 70% average (minimum) but the higher the better, and (5) you are already accepted from particular University with the above fields that early mentioned.

Apply Aurecon Engineering Bursary Scholarship Programme 2016

After you have all of the requirements above, you can send your application alongside with anything that is requested before or by its closing date on August 31st 2015. Addition, to send your application, be sure that you see their official website to find out more. Guess what, by giving young and talented generation chances to experience their preference field through Aurecon engineering bursary scholarship opportunity, young people with brilliant brain more, the one who need financial support has chance to get educational experience in both practical and academic support so then, in the future the students will easily deal with the work world that relate to engineering industry.