2016 BMW Speed Up Bursary Scholarship Programme

By | November 30, 2016

2016 BMW Speed Up Bursary Scholarship Programme

Nothing which can prevent a person with determination to achieve their dream. Similar with excellence young generation who yearn for better education but in need for financial support. It is a BMW speed up bursary, a opportunity available bursaries for students with brilliance academic result to speed up their pace to grab their future dream. for your information, this bursary opportunity is designed only for a recent university students or those students who are already on its final year for bachelor degree. Other things you should know, this bursary only for those previously mentioned students who take these following disciplines; mining engineering, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Teaching Bursaries

To be a potential applicants for BMW speed up bursary, apart from those major qualification, you need also to meet some requirements, as follows; you are a citizen of South Africa, you excellence skill for both verbal and written, and the last, yet not the least thing, you should obtain about 70% academic average, however, the higher you get, your chance to be rewarded with this bursary opportunity will be wider. Alongside with your application, you need also to prepare resume and motivation letter, certified copy of your current identity information, transcript from university (complete), and matric certificate.

Apply Online for the BMW: Speed up Bursary / Scholarship Programme

Wrap together all of the necessary document with your application to send it online. Suggestion for you, check more than twice anything that you need to apply for this bursary opportunity, say that as the result for your carelessness you forget to attach even one requirements, poorly saying, your application will be rejected. In addition, your application for BMW speed up bursary is also considered unsuccessful if you can’t afford to send your application before or by the closing date of this bursary which is on November 15th 2015. So, be careful if you yearn so much to grab this bursary opportunity.