2016 Chemical Engineering Internship Opportunity at Chevron

By | November 30, 2016

2016 Chemical Engineering Internship Opportunity at Chevron

Expanding your way to understand chemical engineering, either based on its theory or in practice knowledge, ensure you are not skipping a chemical engineering internship that is designed by Chevron. In addition, this internship program will be lasted about 12 months, let it alone, but you have to ensure that you can completely join the program if you are chosen for the opportunity. More, the program will be located in two places, Cape Town and Milnerton. Get yourself the chance for internship opportunity at Chevron, make sure you have these will be mentioned requirements, they are; possession of B Eng in Chemical or BSC in Chemical Engineering, strong communication skill in English (written and verbal), and Microsoft Office Suite lit.

While some other requirements you better match for chemical engineering learnerships at Chevron, it covers; capability to be a team player, perform responsibility, and eligibility to learn for both on-job coaching and training. If you think you have those aforesaid requirements, you may apply the internship at Chevron online by tagging along the transcript results that you get from the University where you are enrolled. Bear in mind that this application will be closed on January 5th 2016. Becoming a part of this graduate internship opportunity means you have responsibility to conduct.

Apply Online for the Chevron: Chemical Engineering Graduate / Internship

Speak of responsibility for Chevron’s chemical engineering, the intern responsibilities will be resolves around (but it is not limited by) these following; (1) Develop better knowledge to understand the process unit or something like the impact that is caused by process flexibility, limitations, and shutdown, (2) refining and verifying energy balance or plant mass, (3) always take your part in process hazard analysis, management of change, and reviews for both pre-startup safety and job safety. Have contribution for technical support to perform equipment survey and operation in evaluating the performance of the equipment, this, too, becomes your responsibility as the intern of the program.