2016 Everyday Graduate Internship Programme

By | November 29, 2016

2016 Everyday Graduate Internship Programme

It is true that by applying for graduate or internship programme, it doesn’t always mean that you will get direct job, but still since you have more knowledge toward certain field of study both in theoretical and practical side, it eases you to enter the industry. Thence, take benefit from everyday graduate internship is worth considering if you yearn for in-depth understanding of particular field of study that you familiar with. In total this graduate internship programme provides you with six opportunities. First, production management, for this you need to hold; a-three-year degree/diploma for operation management or production.

Second, industrial engineering/material dept, the requirements are; 3 year for equivalent diploma, but the higher the better. Third, another everyday graduate internship to apply is environmental health and safety, be sure you have associated qualification to apply this. Fourth, electrical engineering/ light current a 3-year diploma in electrical engineering. Fifth, mechanical graduate, to apply this one you need to have a 3-year worth diploma in mechanical engineering as minimum qualification. Sixth, it is industrial engineering which requirement is a three year industrial engineering diploma/degree. As additional information for you, this graduate programme will be located in Port Elizabeth.

Apply Electrical Engineering Graduate/Internship

Once you decide and prepare what graduate internship opportunity to choose, the next thing is about the preparation for applying like gather altogether certified copy of important document like your qualification record, ID, or some. You need also to prepare your current CV. After you’ve done with it, send your application by or before August 14th 2015, as it is its closing date of everyday graduate internship. There are two options to apply for this graduate internship opportunity, you can go to its address which is located in Port Elizabeth, or else, you can send your application via online by clicking certain link which is available on its site.