2016 Gauteng Research Assistant Graduate Internship Programme

By | November 29, 2016

2016 Gauteng Research Assistant Graduate Internship Programme

There is a training program that is great for those who are capable in handling research. Indeed, it is a serious training program that only those who are qualified can join the training. This training is known as Graduate Engineering Training Program or abbreviated as GETP. Gauteng internship only takes 2 years for completing this training, and the outcome is extraordinary. It is possible for those who join this program to be able to know technical and fundamental aspects of business for giving excellent contribution to current market. The training will be intensive and the assignments will practically solve problems in service and application engineering.

To be the part of this Gauteng internship training, it is important for having honors degree in economics, finance, accounting, public management, public administration, and social & political science. It is actually possible for other graduation without honor in the tittle, but they presumably have lower chance to join. However, there is no need to worry since Gauteng internship is always possible and hence it is worth to try. Not many people are aware with this information, and it is due at 25th of September. In addition to merely fulfilling’s administration or paper works, there are several soft skills needed for better chance for being accepted.

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First of all, the trainee should be able to follow all programs which are mostly related to research. The research is not ordinary, and it is better to be prepared on professional and practical research. In addition, it is important to be able to work individually and team as data analysis needs different kind of approach. Moreover, having knowledge in research designs, theory, and practice will significantly improve chance for being accepted here in Gauteng internship. That is why, this kind of training program is applicable for anyone who is able to provide their research ability for improving market condition.

Picture Source: www.gautengonline.gov.za