2016 IT Graduate/Internship Opportunity at Premier

By | November 30, 2016

2016 IT Graduate/Internship Opportunity at Premier

Those that yearns for internship opportunity in IT field, you may apply for IT internship program at Premier. Let it alone the opportunity for internship program is resolved around application support environment and ERP. Say that you have interest for an IT internship program at Premier apart from “make it happen” attitude, you also need to get yourself familiar with these as follow disciplines: BSc Computer Science, BCom Finance, and BCom IT. As this program will be conducted in twelve months, you better have capability to join all of its short courses where you can get technical skill development which is very useful once you finish the internship.

Just before you apply online for IT internship opportunity at Premier, some other requirements related to your background should be met these following; currently graduate in 2015, good in operation MS Office especially when it comes to ICDL and Excel, posses basic skill in business management that is completed with accounting (at least when you are in the second year), have your very own transportation means and valid driver’s license of SA, and willingness to undergo shifts or travels somewhere within the training if requested.

Apply Online for the Premier IT Graduate / Internship Opportunity

What’s more? Giving yourself chance for IT internship opportunity that is set by Premier as the owner of the internship program, it will be advantageous for you if you have; self-motivated attitude, customer centric, able to adapt yourself in a typical under pressure work environment, good in both planning and time management, a solution oriented individual, very reliable for dealing with deadline, strong skill in communication for both written and verbal, understand about Office Management or you should be able to involve with Office System and Process, a team player, and attention/detail oriented. Have confident that you match all above earlier mentioned qualifications, ensure yourself to apply for the internship.