2016 Hatch Goba Bursary Program

By | November 29, 2016

2016 Hatch Goba Bursary Program

If now you are looking for a certain bursary then you are lucky now because there is a bursary that is being offered by hatch goba. Hatch goba bursary program is now offering a bursary program for student that is worth start from the second and fourth year of academic. After finishing study, the acceptor of bursary will be the part of its Professional Development Programme (PDP). Hatch Goba PDP is a global initiative which has a purpose of engineering excellence. It is developed to facilitate the management of initial years of professional carrier development. The program of PDP has been accredited by ECSA. There are several programs which are being offered.

It could be a flexible framework to reach Professional registration status with ECSA. You also will get a personal carrier plan. You are possible to continue your study and develop it through the Hatch Corporate Learning Centre. You possibly meet mentoring support program for any kind of work experience which is challenging. There will be a meeting that is going to discuss about monthly progress and also networking activities and events. Hatch goba bursary programis only being offered for several key disciplines such as chemical engineering, electrical engineering, civil and structural engineering, environmental, mining engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and also industrial engineering.

Apply Hatch Goba Bursary Program

The bursary that is offered by hatch goba bursary program is for those of you who has academic performance above the average, it could be 65 % for minimal. It is acceptable for bachelor degree in an appropriate discipline. You should have teamwork and leadership skills with advance problem solving and analytical skills too. You are also required for flexibility to work and travel with location around South Africa and also International. If you are interested to apply you could send your CV together with application letter, copy of latest academic transcript, ID copy. There is one thing you need to ensure that you already fill online questioner of graduate application. The application will be closed on August 31st 2015.