2016 Haw Inglish Bursary Scholarship Programme

By | November 29, 2016

2016 Haw Inglish Bursary Scholarship Programme

The truth is, if you are excellence enough even though you have financial issue, it is not a daunting task to look for financial support through bursary scholarship programme. Take for instance, bursary opportunity that is conducted by Haw Inglish. Anyway, for your information, the aims of Haw Inglish bursary opportunity is to make sure that there is adequate supply for technician and graduate which can assist the development of the company in the near future. You know, in the way to ensure that you enjoy the work in the industry, then, in the last year of your admission of school you will work for them.

Nevertheless, becoming the successful applicants of bursary opportunity by Haw Inglish, it means you may get support to study about Building, Mechanical Engineering or Civil Engineering at University of Technology or a certain University. During Haw Inglish Bursary you will have privilege to get mentorship and job training from trained, skilled and professional people. However, to apply this bursary opportunity, you must a Grade 10 student who is talented in Math and Science, more you must also show your passion toward Civil and Building Construction Industry. Beside those previous qualifications, below you will find additional requirements for this bursary opportunity.

Download Application Form for the Haw & Inglis Bursary

Speaking of which, if you want to be a successful candidate of bursary scholarship by Haw Inglish, then you must; success in any subject in the past semester, has intense interest toward civil and building construction industry, communication skill, initiative, leadership skill and the last one you need to love working outside the building. As the final step for applying Haw Inglish bursary scholarship opportunity, you need to download the application form and send the application form together with the necessary documents that are requested through its official site before or by its closing date on Sept 30th 2015. Sending after the closing date, then your application will be discouraged.