2016 MMI Holdings Internship for Excellent Graduates

By | November 30, 2016

2016 MMI Holdings Internship for Excellent Graduates

Working in health facility might be challenging for some people. There are indeed some things you have to consider before you work in the field of health industry. For example is about your educational background. In this case, you can join MMI Holdings Internship 2016 2017 & 2018 for getting better chance of good job. Working in health facilities don’t mean that you have to get the degree on medical, pharmacy or nursing degree. But, you will also get the benefits from other job descriptions in health facilities. The program is now open for everyone who is graduated and is looking for good job to boost the experience and skill.

MMI Holdings Internship is a program in which the participants will be trained for the MMI Health Care. This is a good offer for you who don’t have any medical or health degree to join in health industry. People with economic background like sales and marketing can join this program. In fact, the open recruitment is now focusing on the economic graduates and also from the information system pro. There are some benefits you will get from this program. The first is that you will get deeper practical knowledge and skill, trained by professional.

Apply Only for the MMI Holdings Graduate / Internship Programme

There are some requirements you have to fulfil before you can apply for the program. You should have great score in your academic transcript. Besides, the participants of this program should be free and available from any job from 1 March – 28 February 2017 to join this program. The applicants should also be South African citizens and in the age of 18 – 35 years old. Great communication skill is also required. Willingness and ability in working under pressure is also important. If you are interested with this MMI Holdings Internship program you can apply it online before the due date on 23 February 2016.