2016 Oceana Group Internship Program

By | November 30, 2016

2016 Oceana Group Internship Program

Adding internship experience into your to do list once you finish your studies, it help you so much to accomplish your dream toward certain career that you favor. Nevertheless, an internship opportunity consists of on-job training and also classroom session. However, for most cases, the practical part of the training takes more percentage than the classroom part. Through the internship program, graduates have chance to develop their skill, hence they won’t meet with any significant obstacles for employment opportunity. Expecting for one? Familiarize yourself with Oceana Group internship.

So, what exactly is Oceana Group internship program? Reflecting for its name you know that this is a internship opportunity that is set by Oceana Group. That being said, this program will take its location in Durban where its successful learners are obliged to spend about 12 months of training duration. In addition the internship opportunity will be started on February 1st thus be sure that you can join the program flawlessly, in case that you become the successful interns at Oceana Group. Don’t skip the qualifications that becomes the requirements to apply for the internship. First thing’s first you should already hold National Diploma or Degree.

Apply Online for the Oceana Gradaute / Internship Programme

Next, confirm that you complete your Degree/National Diploma in these following majors; business sciences, quality management, microbiology, human resources and management, sales and marketing management, logistic management and warehousing, and supply management chain. For each qualification, you should gain at least aggregate 60%. Do you have one of those qualifications? Say that yo do, be sure that you won’t waste your time, but apply for Oceana Group internship, online. Obviously, you will be exposed with valuable experience during the training which you can use for your own benefits. The application for the internship will be closed on January 2016. Those who can’t meet the closing date, unfortunately, your application will be terminated.