2016 Shoprite Bursary Program for the Juniors

By | November 29, 2016

2016 Shoprite Bursary Program for the Juniors

Many juniors think that getting the bursary program at the beginning of the year is considerably tough. If you are thinking about the same thing, then Shoprite Bursary Program might be something that is worth to try, especially for the fresh students. For your information, Shoprite is giving the bursary program for some fields such as the pharmacy, the accounting, the information and technology, the logistic, and the management of retail and hospitality. If you are interested in one of those fields, then you will be glad to hear that all of the bursary program that they offer is specifically made for the first to the fourth year students. Yes, you can apply for one of those fields even if you consider yourself as a junior.

However, getting the program is not as easy as you think since you will need to fulfill some requirements for the Shoprite Bursary Program. The basic requirement is that you will need to have the average of 70% or more on the 12th grade before you can apply for the program. Or else, you will need the average of 60% based on the type of bursary that you want to apply. Therefore, this is not going to be easy.

Apply for the Shoprite Pharmacy Bursary

Apply for the Shoprite Accounting Bursary

Apply for the Shoprite Information Technology Bursary

Apply for the Shoprite BPharm Technician Bursary

Apply for the Shoprite Logistics Bursary

Apply for the ShopriteRetail & Hospitality Management Bursary

If you are interested in taking one of those bursary programs, then you just need to search the link to the recruitment of the Shoprite bursary programs. From the site, you will be able to pick the kind of bursary programs that you want. You just need to follow the steps to apply for the program. However, you will need to make sure that you are not applying for the Shoprite Bursary Program later than 30 September 2015 since the closing date of the program will be on that day. Therefore, act fast to apply and get the program.