2017 AECOM Bursary Scholarship Program Aspiring Applicants

By | November 28, 2016

2017 AECOM Bursary Scholarship Program Aspiring Applicants

Excellent students of South Africa that are fascinated toward project management, architecture, quantity surveying, and engineering, however have problem to finance their education, AECOM bursary scholarship should be put into account. The bursary that is offered is a full time bursary that is designed only for students with the previously mentioned field of study. Not to mention, the bursary scholarship requires you to enroll into a higher institution (university) in South Africa. Aside from the aforesaid majors, any potential bursars should display good performance toward the field that they choose together with sound academic result.

Available Bursaries

Simply say, just in case within your time in accepting AECOM bursary scholarship you can’t maintain your good performance, for instance, you only able to obtain less than average 60% your eligibility to receive the bursary will be reviewed. Other competencies to meet to win the bursary scholarship, includes; (1) you have recent result for grade 12, (2) current university academic result, in case you are already enrolled to particular University in South Africa, (3) you achieve a least average 60% , and (4) you have no previous work experience. Interested for the bursary scholarship, apply online for the bursary through the official site by completing the application online before its deadline on July 15th 2016.

Apply for the AECOM: Bursary / Scholarship Programme

How AECOM bursary scholarship helps you? During the bursary scholarship program both books and tuition fees are covered by the official. As well, you will gain access for practical training within summer or vacation if available. Bear in mind, the bursary scholarship will be reviewed per year, it means, you have responsibility to keep up your excellent grade, or else you lost your chance for the bursary. Throughout the bursary that is offered by AECOM you have chance to not only have opportunity to continue your education, but as well you get access to practice your knowledge that is very essential once you graduated.