AEL mining freight handling Learnership

By | November 29, 2016

AEL mining freight handling Learnership

Are you twelfth grader? You don’t want to go to the college? Well, AEL offers you to join them in training before you join them in AEL mining freight handling. It is such kind a good opportunity for you, both to develop your skill and knowledge about freight handling in mining and reach your career through the job after training. You might wonder how the training would be. It is about theoretical classes as your usual class at school and practical component in AEL complex area. Lay aside about the job, now let’s be focused on the training duties and the qualifications needed.

Joining AEL training it means you have to responsible to attend the classes, especially theoretical classes a week in a month. It will spend ten months for the theoretical classes. You will begin to do Freight Handling practice in a certain environment, those are Logistics and Stores. During the AEL mining freight handling training, you will also be habituated with the working conditions like shift work and overtime tasks when needed. At the end of NQF level 3, you will have a kind of competency to know where your ability is. This process also asks you to submit an Evidence portfolio to support your achievement.

Apply AEL Mining Freight Handling Learnership

Questioning might appear related to the experience or qualifications. This training and future job needs some people who are qualified in Mathematics and Physical Science in age interval from eighteen to twenty five. You don’t need to have a degree to this. The important thing is you are able and willing to work in Chemical environment. If you have the basic ability to read and write using computer, it will be really advantageous in AEL mining freight handling. You who are easy to adapt to the environment, communication and noticeable to the details are considerable.