Afena Graduate Internship Program

By | November 29, 2016

Afena Graduate Internship Program

Afena graduate internship program is an internship program that has aims in providing young students who possess an interest and passion in investments in local tertiary institutions, an opportunity to get practical experience and exposure in a professional investment management environment. Sorted interns will be able to make direct interactions with professional staffs from business development, investments and operations teams of related field. To gain more competencies and practical skill, sorted interns will be part of various tasks and projects to increase their understanding in investment management. The internship will be placed on Claremont, and any candidates who are willing to join must be ready to submit the applications before the closing date at 31 March 2015. Those who may apply for this program are only South African citizens.

Here are the requirements for Afena graduate internship program. Applicants should be open to students with Black/ historically disadvantages who are in their penultimate year or final of study and posses any highly analytical and degrees. Applicants with highly numerate is applicants which will be considered as having required competencies, together with attitude of initiatives and  self-sufficient for gaining little supervision, have passions in markets and have a high motivation, professional, innovative,  have dedication to detail and posses a long-term orientation plus having excellent communication skills.

Apply Afena Graduate Internship Programme

Get yourself ready to be part of this reputable internship program since it has been since 2007. This internship program is a gate for you to enter a promising carrier in South Africa investment sector together with reaching your own goals. To be a part of Afena graduate internship program meaning you seek for more competencies and practical skill for yourself. With years experience, Afena internship programs has long reputable management in managing internships both in the period of internship and after the period is over.