Agriculture Bursary Scholarship for Year 2016

By | November 29, 2016

Agriculture Bursary Scholarship for Year 2016

Nowadays, there are not few people who want to have a higher education level but stuck with the budget that they have. If you are facing with that kind of condition and you have the skills in the agriculture sector, the fisheries, or even the forestry, then Agriculture Bursary Scholarship from the department will be something that you need. The department will help you get the higher education level for all of those sectors mentioned above. Therefore, you should try it if you think that you worth to get the bursary program for the year of 2016. You do not need to worry about the budget anymore since the bursary covers everything that you need.

For the main requirements, you will need to have the bachelor or diploma degree from the certain majors if you want to get the bursary program. Besides that, you will also have to be the native South African to apply for the Agriculture Bursary Scholarship. The other requirements are considerably general compared with many other bursary programs that you can find out there.

If you are interested in applying the bursary program, then you should download the forms to fill related with the bursary program. You can freely download the forms from However, you are not going to fill the forms online since you will need to print the forms, fill in the forms, complete the other requirements, and send all of those in a bundle to the directorate of education and training sector for the program. The bundle is addressed to MS. Amanda Shokane.

Download the Postgraduate Application Form 2016

Download the Undergraduate Application Form 2016

One last thing, you will need to make sure that you have sent your forms before 30 September 2015 if you want to join the program as the qualified one. That is because the Agriculture Bursary Scholarship will be closed on 30 September.