Air Liquide Graduate Learnernship Program

By | November 28, 2016

Air Liquide Graduate Learnernship Program

When you are studying in your last years, you will need to have something that will give you extra point. This is important so that you will get job easier in your next step in life. Besides of that, you will also have chance to make yourself ready for your professional career. Air Liquide Graduate Learnership Program is dedicated for everyone who is looking for an opportunity to have prepare yourself before you can join the real world of working in professional field. This is also a way for you to learn for new knowledge which is more practical rather than theoretical.

After all theories you got in class rooms, you will need to see how it is actually happening in the real working situation. By getting the chance of joining Air Liquide Graduate Learnership Program you will find that there are still so many things you have to learn. There are some qualifications you have to fulfil if you want to be a part of this program. For example, you have to be a National Diploma (S4) in Chemical. The students who need to do P2 will also be a priority for this program. Besides, if you have license you will get fatter chance to be registered.

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There are also some soft skills you have to get just like how you can process information easily and team work ability. Besides, you should also get good analysis and problem solving ability which will be really important for you to help you overcome the problems you meet. Logical thinking and good communication ability is also required. The most interesting part of this program is that you have chance for being a permanent employee in this company based on your performance during Air Liquide Graduate Learnership Program. This program will be held in Gauteng and the registration will be closed in 25 May 2016.