Anglo American Platinum Learnerships Opportunity

By | November 28, 2016

Anglo American Platinum Learnerships Opportunity

Learnership is fabulous program for graduates of high schools that are interested in getting some work experiences. This program offers fresh graduates an opportunity to meet their interest and skill better before applying for any specialty in college. It allows candidates to take on the theories, also invest time to practice their skills. A ton of companies offer programs of apprenticeship and incredible learnership, one of them are Anglo American Platinum Learnerships.

Anglo Platinum is leading producer of platinum in the world. A larger part of the company’s operations happen in the Bushveld Igneous Complex, a vast area which has a scope of mineral products including titaniferous magnetite, chromium, vanadium, and platinum metals. Platinum is a non-oxide mineral and contained in copper and nickel. In 2009, around 45% of platinum in the word was utilized as a part of catalytic converters for automobiles, planned to reduce destructive emissions of vehicles. Environmental issues of the air quality in a considerable part of cities in the world continued to expand and stricter measures of vehicle emission were administered in several nations. Jewelry spoke with 39% of interest for platinum, industrial usage spoke with 19% of investment and demand.

Anglo American Platinum Learnerships offers internships and learning systems to provide high school graduates an opportunity to build knowledge and improve skills in the domain of work environment. By joining this learnership from Anglo American Platinum, you will get great knowledge and developed skills for your future occupation. There are many schema preparation offered by Anglo Platinum learnership. They differ from instrument repair, technical diesel, auto electrical expert, boilermakers, millwrights and riggers.

For those of you who want to apply this learnership and career, you can click on this website and


Apart from those exclusive programs, the learnership from Anglo American Platinum Learnerships in South Africa is also supported by a perfect environment. It is located near Mogalakena mine which is exceptionally pleasant and attractive. Determination of the candidates will be based on the requirement and selection procedure of Anglo Platinum Learnerships. There are some conditions that you had to have if you want to be applicants. You must be ready and prepared to work in environments with dusty air and open sky. You must be a South Africa citizen. You should considered fit through the test and medicinally considered.

All candidates must provide original certificates and authentic duplicates for the application. The basic requirements for enlistment are simple. Firstly, applicants must obtain the certificate of N2 to the relevant exchange. Secondly, candidates must give sign to the agreement of learnership. Thirdly, if the candidate cannot get the N2 level, the company delightfully allow them to join the trimester system to achieve the minimum N2 level. Furthermore, In order to complete your application to Anglo Platinum learnership, you must submit full CV. Poor CV will be discarded. This implies that you are not considered as a candidate. It is better if you can use English.

Anglo American Platinum Learnerships is a learnership program especially suggested for the natives of South Africa. Offered programs are exceptionally perfect for backing up your future plan. If you are interested, you can visit following link for schedules and additional information.

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