Armscor Graduate Internship Programme

By | November 30, 2016

Armscor Graduate Internship Programme

You better take a benefit of a graduate internship opportunity to enhance your skill in related discipline that you take. Surely, you have to pass the minimum requirements beforehand, but if you think its still within your reach, it is such a poor thing if you simply left it behind. Beneficially speaking, just in case you look for a graduate internship program that relates to maintaining technology, Armscor graduate is worth a consideration. Nevertheless, before going further, you need to know that this internship opportunity is designed for those current graduate who expect some thorough experience to improve their competency.

In addition, Armscor graduate internship opportunity will be conducted in two years. In addition to it, at one time you become a successful graduate from this internship programme you will be exposed with a highly technical surrounding. Though, this graduate internship opportunity is opened to any recent graduates out there with eligibility to match the minimum requirements. However, if you are a newly female graduate or else you are people with disabilities, your chance will be widen as far as you meet the criteria, since this internship opportunity is specially designed for you. So, your chance will be widen.

Apply Online for the Armscor: Graduate / Internship Programme

But hold on, you have to ensure that you have capability to embrace the minimum requirements for Armscor graduate internship opportunity. As for this, you need to; (1) hold B.Sc Eng (electronics/mechatronics)/B.Eng/AB, Tech degree/information technology/ computer science with the addition of programming, (2) you understand how to work in team, (3) self-initiated, full of dedication and assertive, (4) excellence in communication and interpersonal skill, and (5) it is just okay if you don’t have any experience related to this internship. Apply for your application online, but be sure you prepare all of things which are needed for the application. Finally, send your application before its meet its closing date on December 4th 2015.