ASSET Bursary; Transforming Your Education

By | November 20, 2016

ASSET Bursary; Transforming Your Education

Believing that better education is every South African’s students, ASSET bursaries are open and can be your stepping stone to reach your dreams. There are so many things and place to learn but not all people have fortune to gain access to higher education and ASSET’s main purpose is to overcome the education fees obstacles. Do not let anything get into your way of future!

About ASSET Organization

ASSET organization (Association For Educational Transformation) has long history in helping less advantaged students in Western Cape region since the bursary programme released in 1972. Every year, approximately 500 students receive scholarship from ASSET. As an NGO, ASSET strive to run the philantrophy running from the donors. The mission of ASSET is to support the disadvantaged students to achieve their true potential in academic fields and to enhance their future with better education. The succesful young generation will lead to greater transformation in society and even in the nation.

Available Field of Study

ASSET Bursary




ASSET bursaries are available for all field of study in public university and university of technology located in Western Cape. The bursaries are variable based on the applicant’s interest and covers percentage of tuition, registration and book fees. It is also not repayable and directly paid to the related tertiary institution.

Requirements of ASSET Bursaries

Applying for ASSET bursaries is easy but it has several requirements that every candidates must meet. The requirements are shown below:

  • The bursaries awarded strictly to Western Cape residents only
  • The Grade 12 students must enroll to the desired university or university of technology as soon as possible
  • Open to Grade 12 students who will attend first degree, diploma or higher certificate
  • Applies only for university and university of technology located in Western Cape, South Africa
  • Applies only for public university

Applying For The Bursaries

The will be given after the decision made by Selection Committe in late January. The prior consideration are for those who are in need of financial aid and comes from less advantaged communities.

The application form will be available since 1 January until 30 September every year. Only selected students will be notified by the end of February. The application form can be downloaded from the website: and should be printed, filled with accurate situation, enclosed with required and valid documents, and kindly send the mail to:

Association For Educational Transformation

5 Long Street




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