ATNS Air Traffic Control Bursary Programme

By | November 29, 2016

ATNS Air Traffic Control Bursary Programme

The ATNS offers the positions for the program of ATNS Air Traffic bursary. Graduation is one of the happiest moments and it is the time for you to fight to get the job. The position is an opened offering. The program is Scholarship Programme.  The purpose of the programme is to design the graduate knowledgably with the work real condition of air-traffic control officer. To be more specific, the programme provides the graduate to accelerate by the training. The training makes the graduate to become integrate with the business environment. The successful prospective candidates are the qualified only. The qualified applicants will be showing to the business air-traffic control office environment. During the one year, the applicants will be guided by the ATNS manager.

The applicants are requested to the program of ATNS bursary. The Air Traffic and Navigation Services or nicknamed as ATNS Air Traffic offers the bursary program. The program is set for the students who want to train the career in the field air-traffic administration. The fine candidate is the applicant with the goal to become an air-traffic control officer or ATCO. The program offers the bursar an interesting opportunity to study at the Aviation Trainee Academy, Bonaero Park. The major activities are a widespread training. It is exposure to the air-traffic filed and management through the quantified time.

Apply for the ATNS Air Traffic Control Bursary / Scholarship Programme

Are you interesting to the job? Please check the requirements. You should have the Matric Certificate with passing the subjects: Pure Math and English Level 4, HG–D, SG-C, or level above. The applicants should be a South African civilian with an ID valid card. The medical condition must be fit. The skills and proficiencies that should be filled are upright communicator expertise, good analyst abilities, problem solver skills, teamwork efficiency and multi-task capabilities, a good decision maker skill, emotional intellect, altitudinal reasoning aptitude like a vision to the future, and great self-esteem and self-confidence level. The attentive applicants should register the Curriculum Vitae and online apply by ATNS Careers clicking. The ATNS Air Traffic closing date will be on April 26.