Aurecon Graduate Internship Programme

By | November 29, 2016

Aurecon Graduate Internship Programme

If in this time you are seeking for graduate internship, then you have to know that Aurecon is now opening for it. Aurecon provides innovative solutions for project and technical expertise world class more than 80 countries in Africa, Middle East, and also Asia Pacific. Here you will get the chance to learn from industry specialist and also meet people who will be glad for you to share your passions and will appreciate what you enjoy. Aurecon graduate internship programme will help you to become the future leader of its business and through this internship you will be helped for them to choose you as the leader.

However there will be several requirements for applying Aurecon graduate internship programme. You need to have BSc or BEng in Civil, and Electrical engineering also Mechanical Engineering. The applicant should be African citizen only. You must ensure that you are a student in final tear or a graduate with at least 12 months of work experience that is full time not part time. Your participation and achievements out of school also will be considered when they are making decision. You have to deserve and prepare to work in any area or district around South Africa where it is needed your skills.

Apply Aurecon Graduate Internship Programme

The selection process would be in many steps. First you have to submit application to Aurecon, the last application will be accepted on August 31st2015. The chosen candidate will be contacted after the company accept your application, and the doing the screening also shortlisting. The first shortlisting will be done based on your CV. The next round will be done after you send the result of your mid-year in the 4th year. In the other hand for those of you who already graduated, shortlisting is based on your results in final year. You will be invited if you are successful in the selection. You have to attend the interview after that, and finally Aurecon graduate internship programme will be yours.