Available Learnerships in Gauteng by Department of Social Development

By | November 28, 2016

Available Learnerships in Gauteng by Department of Social Development

Do you have a plann to visit or work in South Africa? If it is so how about if you take a learnerships program? Actually, you can follow available learnerships in gauteng, South Africa. This program is offered by Department of Social Development.

There are several available learnerships in gauteng you can take. Those are including social auxiliary work, information technology, early childhood development, business administration, and child and youth care. Of course, you have to be serious, interested and talented if you want to follow this learnerships program. If you think that you are fulfilling the criteria above, you can just submit your application. It is considered as a good opportunity because there is a chance that you will get a job at Gauteng Department of Social Development. There are several requirements you need to consider. For example, you have to pass grade 12. Moreover, this opportunity is also given to you with disability, foster children, child headed family, child support recipient, and many more.

If you pass the requirement, it means you have to be ready to join available learnerships in gauteng. You have to stay and work in Gauteng for about 12 months for 2015 contract. You also have to be ready to be placed across the Department and Identified NGO’s and ECD’ centers. Just submit your application along with certified copies of ID, certified copy of grade 12-certificate, CV, and foster care order. You also need to enclose documentary proof of relation to military veterans, motivation for social worker, and also death certificate in respect with orphans. This offer will be closed in 31 October 2014. Just take this opportunity because you also have a big chance to work at Department of Social Development in South Africa especially Gauteng. In the end, you just need to follow the leanerships maximally to get the job there.

Available Learnerships in Gauteng