Available Learnerships for Matriculants

By | November 28, 2016

Available Learnerships for Matriculants

A Learnership is prearranged learning curriculum that has been legally listed with the department of labour and covers both theoretical (30%) and practical (70%) components. It deliver a tool for all together relating structured learning and workplace experience.Provide employees with the essential skills to make sure that they are well skilled, trained and qualified hence making them employable. It also growth attentiveness among people of career openings in the public service. Regarding learnerships for Matriculants, it offer to the matriculant with the aim of increase their familiarity with profession that will they choose later.

In South Africa, matriculant is student who are in their last year of study in high school (Grade 12). Matriculation is a term that refers to the last year of high school and the qualifications one gets after graduating from high school. To be more specific, the term is meant to refer to minimum requirements required to pass in a university. In commonly-used terms, “matric exams” talk about to the school leaving exams that scholars complete which are controlled by the government thus by extension. The National Senior Certificate is the formally recognized certificate that is acquired at the end of high school learning in South Africa whereas the “Senior Certificate Examinations” refer to the school leaving examinations. For those students who are able to fulfill the set requirements in their Senior Certificate will receive a Marticulation Endorsement on their certificates. This authorization is the legal minimum requisite for admittance to a bachelor degree at any South African university.

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Learnerships for Matriculants

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If you are a matriculant, do not be afraid since there are so many learnerships for Matriculants which offered by government institutions and companies. In general, learnerships are work based and allow successful, competent learners the chance to growth in a profession. The importance of the programme is its results. A learnership relate together theory and practical which designed at some levels of the NQF. It results in a nationwide accepted qualification registered on the NQF. It is proposed to help solve the skills deficiencies of the country. Produces learners that are qualified and well trained to give contribution to the development and economic growth of the country.

We agreed that you or most of matriculants have a dream to be joined in a learnership programme by Anglo American, Bankseta, Eskom, Kuyasa, Letsema, Transnet, or Sasol learnerships. Actually, as a matriculant you want to have accomplishments in an institutions and you got a monthly salary or stipend. To join in the popular companies maybe it will be better. However you should not only looking for a popular company or institutions like that, since there are numerous learnerships for matriculants which provide some rewards that sometimes better than compensation from the popular companies.

You need to be very proactive in this world we live in. Use whatever channels are available to hunt for learnership opportunities as a matriculant. Don’t sit at home waiting for jobs to magically appear like some people do. The internet is a very convenient instrument to use to search for learneships for matriculants. Follow this link to find all available learnerships for matriculants.

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