Aveng Graduate Internship Programme

By | November 29, 2016

Aveng Graduate Internship Programme

Graduate/Internship programme is a good opportunity for any students to grasp more knowledge about certain thing they want to learn not only from its theoretical side but also from its practical one. So then, for those who want to take benefit from such programme like graduate/internship opportunity, then, feel free to join Aveng graduate internship programme for 2015. However, if you are so new about something like graduate/internship programme you may want to know about the benefit you will hold when you become one of the successful graduate for this programme, aren’t you?

Suppose that you apply for this graduate development/internship programme and suppose that you pass all of the requirements of becoming a graduate for Aveng graduate internship programme, then you are allow to join a 12 month of this graduate development programme which is started in March 2015. For your information, even though there is a chance for you to settle permanent position after you finish a graduate/internship programme by Aveng, but still it is depending on the availability of the certain position that you are expecting for. Simply say, you can’t one hundred percent rely on such expectation.

Apply for the Aveng Graduate / Internship Programme

However, the good thing is, the graduate/internship programme that is catered to you by Aveng is opened for various field of study or disciplines, they are; Degree/Diploma for Civil engineering, Bcom Accounting, Degree/Diploma for HR, Degree for Marketing & Communication, Diploma in Logistic and Management, and the last one Aveng graduat internship programme is also opened for Environmental & Safety Management Degree/Diploma. Another thing you should know when you decide to join for this graduate development/internship opportunity you must be a citizen of South Africa. Then, when everything that you need to apply for this graduate/internship opportunity is wrapped, please send your application before its closing date on February 20th 2015.