AVI Limited Graduate Internship Programme for 2016

By | November 29, 2016

AVI Limited Graduate Internship Programme for 2016

Face the truth, you need more than good academic record to makes your dream comes true. You need further understanding toward the subject you’ve learned. Graduate/internship programme becomes one best options to consider, and among those graduate/internship opportunity, then AVI Limited graduate is what you need for those who are interested in the world of engineering industry. There are some graduate/internship opportunities which are offered to you by AVI Limited which is located in Johannesburg. Feeling like you want to know more, below you’ll find some information relating to the graduate/internship itself, the requirements, and the closing date.

Mechanical Engineering is one from a few graduate/internship programme to apply. You need to hold good temporary results for mechanical engineering in final year period, or else, if you are a one-year post qualifying students, this opportunity is opened for you. Industrial Engineering is another AVI Limited graduate/internship programme you also can apply. The requirement to join this graduate opportunity is almost the same with the previous graduate/internship programme, you must have excellent temporary result and so on in Industrial Engineering. The last but not least graduate/internship opportunity you can apply is Food Technology.

Apply AVI Limited Mechanical Engineering Graduate / Internship Programme

Aiming for graduate/internship programme in Food technology, be sure you provide either final year from Chemical Engineering or Food Technology. In addition to it, the result must be excellent or you will fail. Apart from the requirements, another essential thing about a graduate/internship programm is its closing date. No matter how good your interim result is, in case you send your application for AVI Limited graduate/internship after its closing date, it will be useless. Therefore, ensure that before or by September 6th of 2015 you already send the necessary requirements that are needed to be one of some successful graduates for this graduate/internship programme. Visit their site to find out more information about this graduate/internship opportunity or apply it online.