Barloworld learnerships

By | November 20, 2016

Barloworld learnerships

About Barloworld Learnerships

The Barloworld learnerships give you opportunities to try the sweetness to join one of the biggest companies in the world. You will have big career paths in the future obviously. If you are interested to contribute for Barloworld Company, these learnerships are suitable for your career. There are some fields of studies which will be available when they open it. Although those programmes are not always opened, they always open some of them yearly such as bursaries and automotive. Anyway, here are some information for you who interesting to join.


As usual, the Barloworld learnerships create their own requirements for all candidates who want to join them. Of course, they have to meet those requirements in order to be shortlisted by the Barloworld team.

  • Minimum grade of education is Grade 12 with the additional degree or diploma
  • Must be South African citizen with the valid ID card
  • Unemployed since you want to join them
  • A slight computer skills like MS Office
  • Good English at least understand and able to write it
  • Truly graduated or not in studying programme
  • Adaptable individual for many circumstances
  • If the candidates have disability, they must provide the certificate from medical treatment
  • The driver licenses are also necessary

How to apply

To apply one of Barloworld Learnerships, you can check their official website at They open online applications to make the candidates easier to access these learnerships. Unfortunately, the learnerships applications are already closed at the moment. You can concern to read their announcement from January until June. The candidates have to upload some documents via their account. Moreover, there are also some questions before you can apply your CV or documentations carefully. This company is looking for good leadership and perfect academic skills during the learneships. The programme will be conducted for 12 months or a year. Hence, the shortlisted candidates should spend their time for the learnership later.