BDO Bursary Scholarship Requirement for 2016

By | November 29, 2016

BDO Bursary Scholarship Requirement for 2016

You should learn to apply bdo bursary scholarship.  There is some instruction such as about to write the cover letter and CV. From the first information is in 1 July 2015, the program will be closed on 30 November 2015. If you are interested to join the program, there are some criteria that are must be filled. It is like you are not on the other program so you can apply this scholarship program. If you are the member of some program, do not take this program because the scholarship that will not choose you.

In bdo bursary scholarship, you must have characteristic that they need because bdo require good and nice people not apply in the area that the people choose but also in another functional area. To be an participant through the object, here you have to make your minimum mathematics mark is b. There is also an interview which is done in little time and with psychometric interview. Then, the program is only work in everyone who has commitment to some qualification that the program is offered. It is on the South Africa about the place for you to get the scholarship and studying there.

Apply for the BDO Bursary Programme

About applying the program, of course you need to have the mark about your mathematics. With some of position that is available inside the program, you should make your complete CV with 2 pages number. Do not forget to send your academic transcript too as it is proofed if you are inserted to get the scholarship program to the reply email available in the website.

Bdo bursary scholarship also require copied of your id document. It is via email when you will know the information. So, you should check your email in the date of announcement. But before that, you should make sure if your application letter to apply to the program is received by the program of bdo bursary scholarship.