Bidvest Bank Graduate learnership Program

By | November 28, 2016

Bidvest Bank Graduate learnership Program

Bidvest Bank Graduate learnership program invites talented graduates of South African to get better knowledge within finance industry through daily exposure toward workshift available either in Bidvest Bank departments or branches. Nevertheless, are you a dedicated graduate who can fully give your time to attend the internship that commences from November 1st to October 31st? If you are, shall you apply for the graduate internship program with these following responsibilities and duties, (1) graduates have to provide portfolio of evidence, (2) able to comply business etiquette, also, when it comes to bank procedures and policies.

To be qualified for Bidvest Bank Graduate learnership 2017, 2018 & 2019, ensure that, (3) attend the training program appropriately and demonstrate your dedication to learn for skill development, (4) able to achieve good performance in both in-branch training and POE’s, and (5) your attendance is no less than 100%. Hold skills or competencies which are inline with the graduate internship program’s preference, it becomes another important factor to ensure your success. Speak of competencies and skills, they are; (1) capability to work effectively in team, (2) sound interpersonal skill, (3) have customer centric attitude, and (4) excellent communication skill within all of its aspects.

Apply Online Bidvest Learnership

Now, the qualifications that you should have in order to apply Bidvest Bank Graduate learnership, are; (1) posses matric qualification with either accounting or maths, and English, and (2) have degree or diploma will add you advantage. Potential interns who can afford the previously mentioned requirement, grab your chance to win the graduate internship through online application before its deadline on September 29th. The good thing about internship program is that, successful interns can easily kick start their career opportunity as they have proper arsenal to join the industry through work exposure that they get daily during the internship program.