Bowman Gilfillan Law Bursary Programme

By | November 29, 2016

Bowman Gilfillan Law Bursary Programme

For law students, being a good personality in law is actually recommended. There are so many things which can be done when you are looking for having the best way for increasing the education level which will also affect to your need of having the best dream job in the future. If you are studying the law major, you have to also make sure that your major will be learnt more effectively if you get the free tuition fee for your need. By considering having the financial aids for your studying need in the college, you can get so many chances which will be suitable for you.

Bursary for law major can be really helpful. In this case, there is a choice of bursary from Bowman and Gilfillan, one of the leading law firms. This makes you have to be sure that getting the law bursary will be suitable with your financial need. Bursary will give you so many advantages because you will get the financial need to be fulfilled easily. The bursary will cover the tuition fee, book costs and also the accommodation cost. For getting the program, you have to fulfil some requirements for your bursary. The basic requirement is that you will get the bursary if you have the disadvantaged background and you are indeed in the need basis.

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Besides of the disadvantaged background, you can also get the bursary if you fulfil some requirements like you have to be registered for a BA Law, BCom Law or LLB degree. You have to also prepare your matric certification to make sure that your application will be passed. The copy ID should also be embedded if you are looking forward for having the bursary which will be suitable with your need. If you are interested, you can choose to apply for the bursary program before the due date on 30 November 2015.