BP Graduate Internship Programme for 2016

By | November 29, 2016

BP Graduate Internship Programme for 2016

If you are in need of some information for graduate internship opportunities, then BP caters you with some options graduate internship for you to apply. Beforehand, you need to know as well, to be considered as successful incumbent of BP graduate internship, and then you need to obtain at least 65% as the average of your education scores. Nevertheless, here are some graduate internship by BP for you to join; it is supply chain/logistic. To apply for this, then you need supply chain or logistic bachelor degree. Next, tax graduate, for this BCom degree and tax finance/accounting are needed. Another graduate opportunity you can apply is sales and marketing and property management.

Nevertheless, property management requires you with honours degree for property management field, meanwhile, when it comes to sales and marketing BP graduate internship opportunity, you better hold sales or marketing honours degree. Apart from those, IS graduate, mechanical engineering, finance, human resource, diesel mechanic, electrical engineering, civil engineering, credit management, and chemical engineering are other graduate internship opportunities to apply as well. However, be sure that you are qualified enough to join those graduate internship programme by considering its requirements. In case you want to apply for chemical engineering, you better hold a degree like B Engineering/BTech/Bsc for chemical engineering.

Apply for the BP Civil Engineering  Graduate / Internship Opportunity

Whilst, if you yearn for joining civil engineering, the requirement will be like; a civil engineering degree like BTech, B Engineering, or Bsc. Put it simply for any graduate internship programme that you choose, be sure to require related qualification for particular graduate internship programme that you prefer. Once you compose all of the qualifications you need to pass the requirements for BP graduate internship that you choose, ensure to apply for the graduate internship programme before it reaches its closing date on Augusrt 31st 2015. Lastly, send your application online through their official site.