Capacity 1000 IT Training Programme

By | November 29, 2016

Capacity 1000 IT Training Programme

Not to mention, but if you want to join something like IT training programme, then this is the time for you. Since, Capacity 1000 facilitates IT programme for a non- IT students in order to grab faster knowledge both skill and experience relevant to IT. However, what is Capacity 1000 IT training programme? In fact, this IT training programme is equivalent to post graduate diploma for software department. Furthermore, the IT programme itself will be spent around six to eight months. However, if you yearn for this IT programme, then ensure that you are able to fulfill all of the requirements or qualifications which are asked for this IT training programme.

So, what are the requirements for IT training programme by Capacity 1000? To join this Capacity 1000 IT training, you must be the citizen of South Africa. Then, make sure that you are an unemployed graduate who hold a degree for BTech in its any field. Addition you must also have a completed degree if you want to apply for this IT training programme without hassle. The next thing you should do after you prepare or organize all of the requirements or some which become the part of IT training programme, remember to send the application afterward.

Apply for the Capacity 1000 IT Programme

The application should be sent to University of Western Cape where the training will be held. More than that, be thoughtful to send your application before the closing date of this IT training programme on May 22nd. For any application that is sent after the closing date, it will never be considered. You must know that Capacity 1000 IT training programme will begin its selection to select the best applicants on May 18th, that’s why be sure you are available on that time if you don’t want to miss the opportunity. One more, the IT training programme itself will be started on June 1st.