Capitec Internship Learnership Career

By | November 28, 2016

Capitec Internship Learnership Career

Do you want to know how to work with Capitec Bank? Suitable graduates that have interest to know the inside part of Capitec Bank, apply for Capitec internship learnership career program is what you need to do, and the good thing is that the opportunity to join the internship program is recently opened. The chance for the graduate internship is given for talented applicants who hold grade 12 qualification also degree (a-3-year) in bachelor of information system, bachelor of business science, bachelor of science, bachelor of engineering, bachelor of accounting, and bachelor of commerce.

Capitec Learnership 2017

In addition, your chance to join Capitec internship learnership career 2017, 2018 & 2019 program is wider if you have previous experience in business environment for about 18 to 24 months. Another thing about the graduate internship qualified applicants should know, if they want to apply for the graduate internship, better ensure that; (1) you have interest in networking, (2) can keep up with fast-paced work environment, (3) enjoy meeting people and have capability to build an effective relationship with others effortlessly, (4) you have result-oriented attitude, (5) fast response skill and have capability to make decision toward certain circumstance, (6) a personal with innovative spirit, and (7) you have strong passion and curiosity about not only the work-flow of a business, but also how to make it successful.

Apply Capitec Intership Online

Interested applicants can apply Capitec internship learnership career online, however ensure that you forward the application before August 9th. Upon the completion of the graduate internship program, successful applicants will be positioned within these mentioned departments available in Capitec Bank that cover, marketing, risk management, credit management, financial management, and information technology. The graduate internship is located in Stellenbosch. Not to mention that another requirement to join the graduate internship from Capitec Bank, you as qualified applicants should be able to work in the aforesaid location.