Cipla Graduate Internship Opportunity

By | November 28, 2016

Cipla Graduate Internship Opportunity

The Cipla graduate internship opportunity is already opened for unemployed graduates with potential. Are you ready for the chance? Here are the requirements in education you have to meet for securing your position for the graduate internship, that include, (1) matric qualification or relevant qualification, (2) hold qualification in graphic design or its related field, (3) you have diploma or degree in BBusSci. Accounting or Bcom Accounting, BBusSci Honours Accounting or Bcom Honours Accounting, and (4) you hold degree in supply chain management and accounting or Bcom degree that is majoring in finance, and etc.

Different graduate internship program that you apply, you are required with distinctive qualification based on the program that you pick. Cipla graduate internship program provides qualified unemployed graduates three categories of graduate internship, they are; finance graduate internship, Graphic design graduate internship, and supply and chain management graduate internship. Simply like the qualification that should be matched with the position that you apply, when it comes to apply for the graduate internship, you meet with different online links based on the graduate internship program that is offered. Nevertheless, it suggested that you spend some time on its official site to figure out more.

Apply Online for the Supply Chain Management Internship

Apply Online for the Cipla Graphic Design Internship

Apply Online for the Cipla Finance Internship

Anytime you prepare anything that are requested for Cipla graduate internship program, directly  apply online the application none later than the deadline of the training program on May 30th2016. Cipla provides a 12 month graduate internship program for unemployed graduates that look for the opportunity to have deeper insight toward finance and supply chain industry. A graduate internship program is a perfect way for recent unemployed graduates to get themselves proper experience for employment opportunity. After graduating, unemployed graduates are on transition phase where so hard for them to have their chance for job opportunity. You can say that graduate internship program is there to prepared graduates to be more marketable for the industry.