Cipla Graduate Internship Programme

By | November 29, 2016

Cipla Graduate Internship Programme

This is a good news for everyone who wait for graduate/internship programme for 2015 since, Cipla will offer you with plenty graduate/internship opportunities to join. Hence, here are some graduate/internship programmes by Cipla for you to apply; (1) it is Regulatory Affairs Graduate, the requirements to apply this number one Cipla graduate internship opportunity are; you must hold a degree for BSc and BPharm and you already finish one year for Comm Serv, (2) it is Quality Affairs Gradute, to apply for this one you need to have National Diploma for Analytical Chemistry, BsC Chemical or Btech Quality.

Are still not enough for those two? You may find some of them herein. The next Cipla graduate internship programme you can apply is Human Resources Management Graduate. For this graduate/internship programme, it is must to have Degree for Behavioral Science, Honours Industrial Psychology, HR Degree or HR Diploma. Another graduate internship opportunity to join is Finance Graduate. If you want apply for this one, then the requirements will be like; it is pivotal for your two complete a 2 year Articles and grab accounting for both BComm and BA. Then, for the last but the not least is Agrimed Graduate opportunity.

Apply for the Cipla Medpro Regulatory Affairs Internship

Apply for the Cipla Medpro Quality Affair Internship

Apply for the Cipla Medpro Human Resources Management Internship

Apply for the Cipla Medpro Finance Internship

Apply for the Cipla Medpro Agrimed Internship

To be able to become the graduate for this graduate internship programme, the only requirement you need to have is BSc Agriculture. So, what do you think, is there any graduate internship programme that you are looking for? Then, if your answer is a big “Yes”, ensure yourself to apply Cipla graduate internship programme before it reaches its closing date on April 30th 2015. Since, the graduate internship programm is divided in different section; it is possible that you may at least discover a bit different way when it comes to such thing to follow when you apply for a typical graduate internship programme like this.