City of Polokwane Bursary Program

By | November 28, 2016

City of Polokwane Bursary Program

In this Desember, City of Polokwane gives the opportunity for the students or learners who want to study further more especially in case of higher level learning which in South Africa. Those students who want to join this opportunity, you will have your study for bursary academic year 2015. Students who are in grade 12 or in the first year of college are invited to join this opportunity. Those students are able to pay the tuition fees paid to the institution directly. The students who want to join this opportunity must require some of the qualifying criteria such as in Grade 12, studying in the first degree or in national diploma, live in Polokwane Municipality, has disadvantaged background, not in the benefits from bursary scheme.

About this opportunity in City of Polokwane, the preference will be given for the study fields such like finance, urban, engineering, religion, planning environmental and also transportation studies. For being the candidate, the students must have scarce indentified and critical skills about Polokwane municipality, institutions, governments and also business enterprises. However, it doesn’t mean that this doesn’t give any opportunity for the other disciplines to apply this opportunity. The other disciplines are still welcome to apply for this.

In the way to apply this opportunity, the application must be sent the address of Polokwane Municipality’s Civic Center office 903, corner Bodenstein and Landros Mare streets or you can send the application through the website in To get the requirements passed, you have to accompany your application with these following items such like certified copy of your grade 12 result, proof of provisional admission, proof of residence and also proof of your parents or guardians’ income. This big opportunity in city of Polokwane will be ended in 12 December 2014, so be quick thinking in seeing an opportunity.

Completed forms should be hand delivered on the 9th floor office no 903 or ground floor at the Civic Centre Cnr Landross Mare Street & Bodenstein Street, or they can be posted to P O Box 111 Polokwane 0700.

Enquiries should be directed to the municipality’s Training and Skills Development team on 015 290 2211 or 290 2344.