Clicks Learnership Training Pharmacy Opportunity In Sable Square

By | November 30, 2016

Clicks Learnership Training Pharmacy Opportunity In Sable Square

If you are looking for another learnership training in pharmacy industry, Clicks learnership training pharmacy contract in Sable Square is your chance to make your dream comes true. The aims of this training pharmacy learnership is to accommodate its suitable applicants to obtain National Certificate within learner basic pharmacist assistance category, by taking a training pharmacy contract that is lasted within 14 months from a recognized Pharmacy Healthcare Academy. For sure, in order to get access for the learnership, you are obliged to surpass the requirements that you’ll find below.

The requirements for learnership training pharmacy at Clicks, includes; (1) grade 12/matric that is completed with maths for minimum average 50% or if you have only mats literacy, then you need to obtain minimum average 60%, and (2) you should hold English for minimum average 50%. And yes, if you have those minimum requirements, shall you apply to win the position online before you hit the deadline of training pharmacy contract learnership on February 17th2016, since your application will immediately discourage for the lateness.

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Intending to apply learnership training pharmacy at Clicks, ascertain that you know some other additional information related to the learnership, thence you have such a big picture for the learnership opportunity. So to speak, once you successfully pass the requirements and become the learners of training pharmacy contract at Clicks, you have chance to attend the training and being tutored by an approved tutor. Also, during the training pharmacy contract, be sure that you can manage to attend the learnership fully just like what is stated on the contract. You need as well to submit your Portfolio of Evidence and provide healthcare assistance within the team when it is necessary (and under supervision of registered pharmacist that is approved by SAPC). Lastly, in the end of the training program, you gain a certificate of further education and training.