Coca Cola Learnership Internship Career

By | November 28, 2016

Coca Cola Learnership Internship Career

If your dream career is about joining sales department for your passion in sales, then this is your chance to be part of Coca Cola Learnership Internship Career sales department. Yes, the application is opened now, that is not the only thing, before you join their sales division, you will attend a learnership program where you will obtain national certificate, thus you have anything necessary to function properly within sales department. What it takes to apply the position? First thing’s first, you have to meet the qualifications of the learnership program, as the chance is given to those who successfully attend and complete the learnership program.

Coca Cola Learnership

The requirements for the learnership program, thus you can join Coca Cola Learnership Internship Career sales department, they are; (1) you hold grade 12 qualification with maths, (2) English qualification as home language, or if it is not, at least it’s treated as first extra language, (3) you have no prior experience for the learnership and ensure that you are fully unemployed, (4) if you have valid driver’s license with code 8, it gives you better chance to win the learnership program. Applicants should know that, since there is no closing date stated, the faster they apply online, the bigger their chance to claim their position not only as successful learners of Coca Cola learnership, but also as member of their sales squad.

Apply Coca Cola Learnership

Nevertheless, during the learnership program the applicants will get thorough understanding to improve their skill within communications, management essentials, merchandising standards, marketing essentials, customer management, customer care, and the last one is that they will gain in-depth exposure for sales environment for commercial aspects. After you complete the learnership program and attain national certificate in sales, you are qualified to work with excellent team of Coca Cola Learnership Internship Career sales department. Further information, check the official’s website.