Competition Commission Economics Graduate Internship Opportunity

By | November 30, 2016

Competition Commission Economics Graduate Internship Opportunity

If you have interest into structure and trends together with analysis and economic research for market conditions, also if you look for a graduate/internship opportunity which speaks the same thing, good news for you, since Competition Commission invites suitable graduate to join an economics graduate opportunity. For you to know Competition Commission prone to support and actively participate in Employment Equity. Becoming a potential graduate for their internship opportunity, fist thing’s first you have to hold completed Honours for Economic Degree. Put it aside, you need as well to have these all competencies below.

So to speak, you must have; (1) positive quality in investigative, analytical, and research skill, (2) able to work in such a under pressure environment, (3) excellence interpersonal skill, (4) computer literate, (5) well-structured writing skill and good in verbal communication, (6) self-initiator and committed individual, and (7) a dynamic and energetic attitude. Obviously, joining a Competition Commission economics graduate learnerships, you’ll win the benefits. First, you gain training opportunity. Then, you also have chance to contribute actively for Competition Commission’s vision for Inclusive and Growing Economy to serve the people of SA. Finally, you’ll gain a chance to participate in efficient functioning and building in the world of economy which is free and fair for all SA people.

Apply for the Competition Commission Economics Graduate / Internship Opportunity

Submit all of the pivotal requirements online before it meets its closing date or on November 13th 2015. Nevertheless, if you become one of the shortlisted candidates, you must agree to; pass through psychometric assessment, be investigated (for security purpose), and Competition Commission has right to do some changes toward the economics graduate/internship opportunity that is offered. As for many benefits that you’ll get in economic industry once you become a successful graduate for this opportunity, say that you can afford both minimum and additional qualifications, you make a good decision to your own future.