Correctional Services Learnership Programme

By | November 30, 2016

Correctional Services Learnership Programme

A Correctional Services Learnership can be a stepping stone for potential unemployed graduates that look for further education in correctional service to become a correctional officer. Nevertheless, the training itself is worth a NQF level 4. It is said that this learnership opportunity is one among few best learnership programs that is available for SA young generation. To become a learner at DCS, there are some requirements you should pass, it includes; a SA citizenship, proper age like 21 to 35 years old, have no criminal background, and have a bold character.

Also, you are obliged to posses a standard 10 certificate/grade 12 to have better chance to apply Correctional Services Learnership. Else, if you don’t posses that earlier mentioned, then you need to hold a National Certificate with excellent result from Vocational Studies or NQF level-4. Too, if you don’t have that one from Vocational Studies, then you should have one (NQF level-4) from Training Certificate NQF and Further Education. Lastly, you must be available to join the program successfully within one year. Speak of learnership opportunity at DCS, it is divided into work-based experience and theoretical training. That said, if you yearn for further information related to learnership program at DCS, do click the next page.

Correctional Services Learnerships

However Correctional Services Learnership program put its main concern on work-based training. It is like 30% for theoretical understanding and about 70% for its practical training. Though you can’t deny the benefits of finding theoretical knowledge, since this is something very basic to understand the duty and responsibility to conduct correctional service, but a practical experience is something that is needed the most. When it comes to the real circumstance, you’ll figure out that there is a thing which you can’t find trough classroom session, but from a real practice. You will find a FET certificate after completing this learnership opportunity.