CSIR Graduate/Internship Programme

By | November 28, 2016

CSIR Graduate/Internship Programme

Graduate/Internship opportunity? Here are some lists you need to know for graduate/internship opportunity by CSIR. First, it is Human Language Technology Internship Programme, this one is closed on February 8th2015. Then, what kind of the requirements you should have when you apply for such programme like CSIR graduate/internship for the previous one? You need to hold Bachelor Degree (one of them) in computer science, statistics, computer engineering, computational linguistics, development studies and applied linguistic. Second, it is Technology, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation internship– to apply this internship programme, the requirements are below.

For the previous graduate/internship programme you need to have BA degree and you should have advanced level for computer skill mainly on PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, and Word Processing. Third, it is CSIR graduate/internship programme for Integrative System Internship. To win the opportunity for this internship programme, you better have; (1) degree in certain are like computer engineering, computer science, information system, IT, and informatics, then, (2) have kind of experience in design, process analysis, and business analysis must be beneficial. For this one the closing date is quite long like December 31st 2015. Fourth, it is Fractionation of Chemical Pulps which is being closed on February 2015.

Apply for the CSIR Human Language Research Internship

Apply for the CSIR Technology, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation group Internship

Apply for the CSIR Integrative Systems Competency Area Internship

Apply for the CSIR Fractionation of chemical pulps Internship

Apply for the CSIR Library and Information Science Internship

To apply for that internship opportunity, be sure you hold such things like; fine writing skill and laboratory practice, BTech for chemical engineering, and understand to deal with paper and pulp technologies, bleaching technology or something equivalent to it. Fifth, it is Library and Information Science graduate/internship opportunity of CSIR graduate/internship. Becoming a part of this graduate opportunity means you need to have; within study experiential/practical work, have degree in library or first diploma for information science, reliable personal skill, know to operate computer and good communication skill. Addition the closing date for the last graduate/internship programme is on February 12th 2015.