CSIR Internship Opportunities

By | November 17, 2016

CSIR Internship Opportunities

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has Internship opportunities in various competency areas within the Defence Peace Safety and Security (DPSS) unit. The unit positions itself as the strategic science, engineering and technology (SET) partner of state departments and agencies in defence, peace, safety and security, as well as the aerospace-related industry. As such, it develops its people to operate as experts in SET disciplines and to have systems insight and application domain understanding. It contributes to the national need for skilled SET people through programmes with universities and leading laboratories. These positions are based in Pretoria.The CSIR is a leading scientific and technology research organisation, implementing projects throughout Africa and making a difference in people’s lives

Key responsibilities:

  • Design, plan and execute experiments under supervision;
  • Design, develop, and test advance and secure software or mobile applications
  • Assist in test set-ups;
  • Maintain good housekeeping and safety practices in-depth analysis and objective interpretation of data under supervision;
  • Contribute to writing reports and manuscripts;
  • Contribute to presenting data in a poster format or orally;
  • Perform operational responsibilities including, infrastructure, equipment, GLP and SHE.

  • A Bachelor of Engineering in the electronic engineering, computer engineering or mechanical engineering;
  • A Bachelor of Science in computer science, information technology, physics or applied mathematics;
  • Experience or interest in learning C++ programming skills, Python and C#;
  • Must have an interest in the optical environment;
  • Must have strong mathematical and analytical skills;
  • Must have a willingness to learn new software, if not already knowledgeable with it e.g. CAD, ArcGIS, Matlab, Altium,C programming, Linux and Latex document processing;
  • Must have an interest in hardware and an aptitude for hardware realisations, specifically the analogue electronic design environment for sensor development, and/or the development of microprocessor and microcontroller hardware and firmware, and/or an interest in the FPGA environment;
  • An interest in basic mechanical and opto-mechanical design;
  • An interest in information and cybersecurity.

How to apply

Closing date is 18 November 2016. Should you meet the above requirements, please email your CV to jobapplications@csir.co.za with your name and surname, position title and reference number in the subject line, (eg. John Smith: Internships: Reference No: 307358)


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