CSIR Vacation Programme

By | November 29, 2016

CSIR Vacation Programme

Another good programme that let its graduate to access both theoretical and practical field is through vacation programme, and luckily , CSIR opens vacation programme which will be started around June or July. CSIR vacation programme itself will cater students with not only world class facilities that relate to the vacation programme, but in the same time, they will be able to access top class both electronic and radar protection. Nevertheless, if you curious toward this vacation programme and intend to apply, guess what? There are some basic requirements for you to follow.

Speaking of which, here are they; you must be a citizen of South Africa, you must recently enlist from a recognized South Africa university with the major that is applicable toward the qualification, and for applying CSIR vacation programme you better hold a minimum 65% as your academic average. Nevertheless, the position that is catered to you will be something that relates to these following fields such as; computer science, aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, computer engineering, bio-medical engineering, computer science, and foresight studies for social science specializing. Addition, this vacation programme calls for first year honor student, post graduate and under graduate for any level but with the relevant competencies that are mentioned above.

Apply for the CSIR Vacation Programme

In the time you apply for this vacation programme, be sure to prepare these following certified documents; (1) South Africa identity document, curriculum vitae, matric certificate (please differ it with matric result, since both are not the same), and record for latest academic result. Then when you are ready to join CSIR vacation programme, make sure that you bring along those documents in your application before or by the closing date of this vacation programme on April 30th. The application should be sent to CSIR office.