Department of Arts And Culture Bursaries: Linguistics Study

By | November 20, 2016

Department of Arts And Culture Bursaries: Linguistics Study

Department of Arts and Culture bursaries is provided by South African government concerning in Linguistic and Language Practice fields. Recognising the scarce skills and professionals in the related fields, the governments encourage the BA degree students  to take major in Linguistics and build future in possible and prospective field. If you have passion in studying and developing your skills in Linguistics, this bursaries is just what you need.

About DAC

Department of Arts And Culture Bursaries

Department of Arts and Culture of South Africa is the part of South African government that focus in supporting, promoting, protecting and developing the arts culture and heritage of the nation. Building supporting infrastructures and making showcase about heritage are some strategies of DAC. The ministry also responsible in maintaining heritage sites, monuments and museums. The DAC’s  flagship of Investing In Culture Programme has contribute a lot in job creation, urban regeneration and rural development with women, youth and people with disabilities as biggest beneficiaries.

Available Fields of Study

Department of Arts and Culture bursaries have main purpose to extend capacity in language practice and to raise the status of marginalised official languages. Therefore, the relevant field of study is Linguistic and Language Practice. There are wide prospect for the students to build careers as interpreter, lexicographer, language planner, terminographer, translator, document design and editor and human language technologist.

Requirements For Bursaries

Department of Art and Culture bursaries will be awarded to the students who meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants are South African students with valid ID
  • Applicants are currently registered as University of South Africa and studying toward degree Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Arts Language and Literature majoring in Linguistics
  • Students must register for 8-10 course or more in the final year, every year
  • Applicants should keep commitment to successfully complete the study otherwise the bursaries will be terminated and recalled

The bursaries cover full tuition and textbook fees.

Applying For Bursaries

The closing date of Department of Arts and Culture bursaries is on 25 November. Interested candidates should provide supporting documents: certified copy of South African ID, certfied copy of Grade 12 Certificate and certified copy of latest academic transcripts on official university letterhead.  Additional documents are copy of parents/guardian’s payslip, copy of parents/guardian’s ID and death certificate if deceased. The application form is available in this link:

Completed Department of Arts and Culture bursaries application form and other documents can be sent to:

University of South Africa

PO Box 392