Department of Education Province of KwaZulu-Natal Bursaries

By | November 20, 2016

Department of Education Province of KwaZulu-Natal Bursaries

Department of Education Province of KwaZulu-Natal Bursaries: are open for South African who has passion in improving their own and their community’s education. The education is fundamental to a nation’s transformation and development, therefore the improving the competency of teaching in education is very important. The investments is precious and surely will give better human quality and better economy and social circumstance. Are you the one to join us in building greater KZN?

About DOE: Province of KwaZulu-Natal

south africa bursariesThe main goal of DOE of Province of KZN is to realize noble aim of creating the well-educated and highly skilled and developed citizen of KwaZulu-Natal. The department has make actions and effort to encourage the provision of equitable access to quality education for the people of KZN. Values held by DOE of KwaZulu-Natal are caring, altruism, empathy, excellence, integrity, professionalism, fairness and teamwork. One of DOE of KZN Province’s duties is to implement the right strategy to make more effective teacher development programme and to develop teacher competency based on each’s fields. The DOE of Province of KZN bursaries is one alternative to encourage the objective.

The Field of Study Available

ve the main goal to stimulate local young students to grow interest in teaching fields. The award will be focused on teaching qualifications specializing in Science, Technology, Mathematics, Accounting and Agriculture.

The Criterion For Bursaries

Department od Education Province of KZN bursaries are issued to give financial support for KwaZulu-Natal young students to achieve higher education. The other several requirements of the bursaries are listed below:

–              Applicants are South African citizens and must be between 18-35 years old

–              Excellent academic records at school or tertiary institution

–              Applicants are full-time students at recognized local KZN university or institution

–              Priorities will be given to applicants who need financial aid and qualified to the requirements

–              Applicants are not having another bursaries at the moment

–              Applicants must have or been studying at one of KZN school for –at least- three years

–              The selected students will have to work for DOE Province of KZN after completing the studies and will be placed in any school within KZN appointed by the DOE

Applying For The Bursaries

DOE of Province of KZN bursaries application form can be obtained here: and all application forms shall be posted to:

The Bursary Coordinator: Non-Employess

Private Bag X 9137, Pietermaritzburg 3200


247 Burger Street, Pietermaritzburg 3201