About Department of Health Bursaries: KwaZulu-Natal

By | November 20, 2016

About Department of Health Bursaries: KwaZulu-Natal

Department of Health bursaries happily informs the young South African, who is interested to dedicate their career in health sector, is now open. The purpose of the bursaries is to provide more competence and skillful force in the fields very needed, young South Africans are invited to apply in their own district of residence.

About Department of Health KwaZulu-Natal

Department of Health bursaries application form

The vision of Department of Health Province KwaZulu-Natal is to realize the optimal health for all citizens in KwaZulu-Natal. The mission it carries is to develop and implement a sustainable, integrated and comprehensive health systems at all levels, according to the Primary Health Care approach and to ensure universal access to health care. Values held by DOH Province KwaZulu-Natal are trustworthiness, transparency, proffesionalism, loyalty, compassion and continuous learning.

The Field of Study Available

The Department of Health Province bursaries  by KwaZulu-Natal  will be awarded for following fields:

–              Bachelor of Entomology, Bachelor of Audiology, Bachelor of Dentistry/Dental Therapy, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of  Medicine and Bachelor Surgery, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Optometry

–              Bachelor of Science Dietetics, Bachelor of Science Audiology, Bachelor of Science Ocupational Therapy, Bachelor of Science Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice and Bachelor of Speech Therapy

–              National Diploma in Oral Health, National Diploma in Radiography and National Diploma in Medical Orthototics and Prosthetics

Kindly check http://www.kznhealth.gov.za/hospitals.htm for the list of the hospitals, the variety of fields and the contacts.

The Requirements of Bursaries

Several requirements needed to apply for DOH Province KZN bursaries are:

–              Applicants must KwaZulu-Natal born or residents

–              Applicants have satisfying academic records

–              Not receing any other bursaries at the moment

–              Applicants must not have another diploma/degree

–              Applicants indeed studying for a degree/diploma related as captured

–              Applicants must submit proof of registration to a tertiary institution

–              Applicants must be those who need for financial support

–              Applicants must hand-deliver the complete forms to the same local health instution where they get the applications

–              The successful bursars will be required to work for local health instution based on how many years they are on KwaZulu-Natal DOF bursaries

The amount of the bursaries is based on consideration of the applicants’ combined gross income, ranging from tution only to full covers in tutition, books, accommodation and meals.

Applying For The Busary

The KwaZulu-Natal DOF bursaries application forms are available in provincial government hospitals from January 5 to August 31 every year. The announcement of the successful bursars for Department of Health bursaries will be made on January next year after the Matric results are released.