Department of Transport Learnerships in Skill Developing Program

By | November 28, 2016

Department of Transport Learnerships in Skill Developing Program

It is such good news for the jobless person who wants to work with the Department of Transport Learnerships Developing Program 2015. Department of Transport Learnerships offers the good program, the National Youth Service which is designed to develop the youth’s skill in technical trade industry who less with the experience. Well, if you interest with this program, they are waiting for you. You need to see carefully about the requirements that they need.

The objectives of this National Youth Service Department of Transport Learnerships program are to design good environment, which will create and increase their skill. In other hand, supporting in management is and giving the exercise for them becomes one of the aims to increase their skill. This program also designed to evaluate the job quality of the worker. It is very good to develop the participant skill in their field. The participants will be offered many things.

In other hand, this Department of Transport Learnerships is designed to give the skill, understanding and inspiration to work in the good managerial program. Construction training needs in the merchandising program is because it has been indentified in some department like the Road Works, Construction Welding, Construction Tiling, Electrical Wiring, Construction Plant Operator, Construction Floor Covering, Carpentry, Painting, Plumbing and Construction Masonry and Plastering.

For the requirements in this program, the participants must be in the age of 18-35 years with the valid identity document. The participant must be in minimum grade 10 and must attend the breading session. In addition, the program will be being in a year, so the participant must be willing for joining the program in one year with the activities and the job training program. For some more criteria and application information, you may find this Department of Transport Learnerships Information from this link; good luck!

Applications must be posted to NYS- Learnership Phase 7, Department of Transport & Public Works, Skills Development Unit, Private Bag 9078, Cape Town, 8000.

Description: Department of Transport Learnerships offers the National Youth Service Programme which is held to increase and embrace the participant skill in technical trade industry.