Engineering Learnership Programme

By | November 28, 2016

Engineering Learnership Programme

This is about the engineering learnership programme that happened in order to create better engineering workers and of course in such a better for the future and this will be placed in Molyneaux Road, Beaconsfield. This is will be happened to train the incumbents’ workers and all of the incumbents must fulfill the structured MQA that has been registered in this learnership program. The successful one will be qualified as an artisan. Through this learnership program, the members will have their skills updated just like to be an independent person. More, they will be a proactive thinker and also be able to do their own planning about job. And for further development, this learnership program will bring the members into a person with a skill of good communication.

In order to be the member of this engineering learnership programme, people must have such kind of minimum requirements that will be filtered as the first test of this learnership program. The minimum requirements are such like the minimum grade that is 12th or standard 10 know the theory at least the boilermaker theory that maybe from Mathematics, Engineering Science, or Drawing and Trade Theory. The members also have to have the driver license with the code EB. More, the candidates must not have the qualified in trade just as an artisan. And the important one is about the place that the candidates come from that must be from Northern Cape Labour Sending Area.

For those of you who interested to join this training program, it is required for you to send your application or CV in clearly detail and also get the minimum requirements that will be considered. All of consideration will be handled by The Company of Employment Equity Policy. And this engineering learnership programme will be closed on 5th December 2014.

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