Engineering Learnerships Opportunities In South Africa

By | November 28, 2016

Engineering Learnerships Opportunities In South Africa

A learnership is a method to acquire a qualification for work. Engineering learnerships consists of the unit standards. Unit standards are of three kinds. First is the fundamental unit standards, which cover basic mathematical skills, literacy and communication. Core unit standards are key to the ability, learners can choose which are the most applicable for their occupation and most suitable for their work environment. The third type of standard unit is the elective that could be chosen from a range of units, depends on the kind of qualification needed.

Engineering is a very diverse fields with many claims to fame. Structural, railroad, highway, waste management, chemical, electrical and aeronautical are just a couple of the numerous fields of engineering today. The studies are specific, and here and there only a couple of schools teach vital courses. Luckily, some engineering learnerships are set aside for certain fields of engineering. While the theoretical qualification could be gained at a University, a learnership is a method to collect a qualification based on unit standards. The work experience has the effect between these two kinds of learning.

Engineering learnerships fill in as companies have a partnership with training provider and the trainer either enter the work or learners go to a training program project prepared by the training service provider. In the remote possibility that you’re unemployed, there are training provider that make individuals train in learnerships. They can help you discover an employer where you will gain work experience. In the case that you are currently employed, and there is a learnership that can give you benefit in your occupation, you can approach training committee in your company or your supervisor/manager/HR department and ask about the possibility to running that learnership in your work environment. If you are employed when start your learnership, then your employer is going to pay for your time while you go to the training, moreover, for the time being, while you are being assessed.

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At the time the government established engineering learnerships, one of the standards was portability. It be thought that your qualification can you take with you. And because the NQF provides the level, other employers can tell quickly what qualification level you have. And the qualifications can be moved across industries. Unit standard based qualifications are center to many qualifications, so once you have core unit standards, you can add the extra unit to get additional qualifications. Literacy, numeracy, participation in meetings, safety in one factory and occupational health is the same in another factory. Employers search for learners who are reliable, on time, have a good record of attendance, and those who have a decent academic record.

Since a learnership offers you with a qualification that is identified specifically with the work you’re doing, you take a more precise understanding of the theory behind what you are doing (the reason for your occupation), which will increase your individual implementation, and provides you the opportunity to continue studying, or be promoted. You can discover all engineering learnerships on link below.