Eskom Bursary/Scholarship Program

By | November 29, 2016

Eskom Bursary/Scholarship Program

Are you a fresh graduated or a technician who was seeking for bursary/scholarship program? Eskom offers you several programs for universities, Technikons/University of technology and technician certified program. There are several general requirements that you must be fulfilled. Here are general requirements for Eskom Bursary/scholarship program. First, you must be South African citizens with valid identity document. Second, you must have valid technician or mining and construction certificate from national department or other trusted institution in South Africa. The third is admission or acceptance letter from university. You must have it in order to have legal permission. Fourth, you must be a full time student from accredited university in South Africa. And the last, you must accept and undergo the entire process in this scholarship program.

Each program has different requirements or qualification. If you want to apply for universities, there are several programs that you might be interest on it. The programs are engineering program with different concentration such as mechanical engineering, IT, supply chain and another program. For Technikons/technology concentration study, you can apply for several engineering program and IT technique. This program also offers you some program related with mining and construction work such as metallurgy, safety and risk and some other engineering program. And then for you who want to be an expert in mining and construction or certified purpose. You might choose some concentration related with your experience background such as for boilers maker, electricians, brick layers, carpenters, welders, plumbers, control and instrumentation. All of the requirement must be possessed by applicants. Applicants who have the entire requirement from Eskom Bursary will be having an interview, and several test before join with Eskom.

If you interest to join with, please download eskom bursary application form and then send your application letter/application form, copy of current ID documents, latest study result in university or school, and registration application and also letter motivating application to Student University Department. Or you can send the application letter include other document in Eskom branch office. Ensure that you send your application for Eskom Bursary before its closing date at 31thJuly.

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