Eskom Career in Hendrina Power Station

By | November 30, 2016

Eskom Career in Hendrina Power Station

Eskom career offers another opportunity for anyone who needs a new work. This new work is designed for those who are experienced or eligible enough in terms of power plant. This opportunity is for 2016, and that is why this is fresh opportunity. Just like other Eskom job opportunity, this is a great chance to start the career. Even The certification obtained from this company is valued highly that students are able to have higher chance to be accepted in other companies. Instead of training only, it is always recommended to directly apply for this available job. Within 2016, there are some free positions. They are plant operators and technicians.

As basic classification for all job opportunity, the company requires the fresh graduate to have 12/N3 grade in physical science and mathematics. That is to say, this certification should be obtained before applying the scholarship. In addition to be excellent in math and physics, it is also essential to have English as second language. Eskom career does not force the applicant to know English fully, but the applicants should be able to master English as daily conversation at least 50% of the utterances. Some additional skills that are required are computer literacy and problem solving skill.

Apply for the Eskom Leaner Plant Operator in Matla Power Station

Apply for th Eskom Plant Operator Opportunity in Hendrina

Apply for the Eskom Technical Traineeship Opportunity

Apply for the Eskom Learner Plant Operator Opportunity

Those skills are really fundamental in managing and solving situation or problems within the company itself. Eskom is really special and important company providing electric source in Africa. That is to say that the applicants are supposed to be excellent as well. In addition to knowing the information or science behind everything, the applicants should also know several concrete ways to solve problems. It includes applied math, thermodynamic, analytic, and communication skills. After knowing all of them, it is highly possible to be accepted in Eskom career in two major job fields i.e. plant operator and technician.

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